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 Chatbox Rules

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Chatbox Rules Empty
PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Chatbox Rules EmptyWed Jun 29, 2011 8:23 am

These are the rules for the Chatbox. They must be followed, and if they are not it could lead to a ban of the chatbox, or the chatbox being removed all together.

Only the Dominants will be moderators, or selected members. You MUST do as a moderator tells you. Dont go asking a moderator 'how do you become a moderator' or tell them how to do their job. This will just decreace your chances of becoming a moderator in the future.
If this rule is broken, you will receive a warning, and eventually it could lead to a ban from the chat box.

No swearing or inappropriate language.
Remember, there could be younger members here, and we don't want a bad name for out pack. So no swearing, or inappropriate topics. DO NOT say other words to hide real ones for an inappropriate topic, it still counts.
Breaking this rule will lead to a banning of the chat and possibly being kicked from the website.

No sharing inappropriate links to pictures, websites, videos or anything else.
Again, we have younger members here. This is a serious rule, and you must NEVER share even lightly inappropriate links.
Breaking this rule WILL lead to you being banned from the pack, permanently or for a long time.

What happens in RP, stays in RP.
Dont EVER bring what happens in the RP onto the chat. Roleplay is NOT real, so don't argue over it on the chat, or anywhere.
Breaking this rule could lead to ban of the chat or RP.

No asking/giving personal information.
This ones for your own safety. [When you are filling out your joining forum on WQ, put 'Tiki' in the 'type of tribe' question.] Your name, address, town, family, problems at home etc all count as personal information.
Breaking this rule could lead two ways: If you ask for personal information, you will be banned from the pack. If you are giving information, you will be warned or kicked from the pack.
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Chatbox Rules
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